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Amazon returns are now
Radically Transparent

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you control what we do with your product, resell or you take it back for a fee

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tracking removals

All your FBA removals are confirmed, to be delivered to our location or we get  them Reimbursed

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receive & inspect

Units are inspected, confirming that the correct product was returned, and graded for Resale

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We resell your items or prepare your items for you to resell yourself

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Exportable data to analyze, for how you can improve your profitability

our proprietary software specializing in Amazon returns
let's you keep track of all your returns.
our partnership 
is decided by you, the Client


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your trusted partner In amazon return processing, here is the flow:


tracking removals

All your FBA removals confirmed to be delivered to our location or Reimbursed


receive & inspect

Our team Receives and inspects each item to ensure that it matches the original unit, with all parts intact.



Items are cleaned, bundled, repackaged, stickered, boxed or palletized

streamlined process with our custom Software



Client can choose exactly which services they want to maximize their Capital


sales or processing

Items are resold for you. Or processed back to you for a fee



Payments are disbursed to you monthly, at a 50/50 split, including reimbursements.

Checking Inventory
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Contact us for a demo of 
our portal

Our diverse product lines

Image by Julie Molliver

Tools, Appliances

Image by Nicolas Thomas

Electronics, Office Equipment

Image by Ryan Quintal

Toys, Household Items

Image by charlesdeluvio

Apparel, and more....

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I recommend Returns2Capital, they took the labor over, and I felt
that they took care of my products

Jack Morris

Seller & Manufacturer

They processed my returns the day they were delivered, and let me get my graded items back.



get in touch with us to schedule a 
Complete Demo!

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